Seattle Sights

I write blog post 800 from Seattle, Washington, USA. I haven’t been here since 2001. Still as hilly… but let me tell ‘ya a secret: it does not rain here all the time. Shhhh… don’t tell ’em, but it is sunny and pleasant. I came here to give a speech. Did it, got the ovation, warm regards, “atta-boys” etc., etc. As you are reading this, I am winging my way back home.

While here, I had a very pleasant opportunity to meet a guy whose screen name on BOL is Hwystud. What a nice guy! We enjoyed a very nice seafood dinner on the waterfront under bright sunny skies with mild temps. We talked about our lives, interests, and — of course — boots! I truly enjoyed visiting this beautiful city and meeting a great Bootman. Thanks, Hwystud, for such enjoyable company.

If you look real hard in the photo below, you can see Mt. Rainier.

Life is short: enjoy the great people you meet along the way.