When I broke my leg, I had to stay at home for eight weeks. During that time, I have had time to read Facebook and other social network sites, in addition to reading the newspaper and watching TV.

I am amazed just how rude and uncivil people are to each other. Lately with the debate about the health care bill, the level of sheer uncivility has been palpable. Elected officials have been spat upon and attacked. The Party of “No” has become the central collection of the babbling buffoons of negativity. Civility, however defined, is completely lost.

I see it on Facebook, with radical name-calling, rude behavior, and ugliness toward others. I have had to “de-friend” several people who have gone over the deep end in being brainwashed by the radical right-wing zealots and spewing lies via a social network site. I do not need those kinds of people in my life.

I have sensed this was happening for quite some time, since the economy took a nose-dive. People are scared. Their orientation toward a brighter future is completely gone. They are worried about themselves, which is understandable. They want to protect their loved-ones and their lifestyle. I get it. But tearing someone else down on a personal level is not the way to make you or your ideas become more accepted! Get a life!

Life is short: at least be civil, even if you disagree.