Castlessness At Last!

My partner took me back to the orthopedic specialist yesterday, and the results of x-rays show the healing of my broken right fibula is progressing well, so that big lunky cast was removed and I am now in a state of:



I need a cane because I am wobbly yet, as well as to keep people from running over me in their haste to get somewhere faster than me. It hurts a little bit, but it is far better than having that dead weight on which I couldn’t walk dangling from my right knee.

Yippee! I am making progress!

My immediate priorities:

1. Take a BATH! The residual on my leg and ankle is ugly, flaky, messy stuff. It needed to come off and my leg needed to get some air. That bath yesterday felt sooooooooo good!

2. Walk to the degree that I can. I need to begin moving again.

3. Get a HAIR CUT! Arrggghhh… I haven’t been so much of a long-haired hippie freak since I was in high school.

4. Have dinner with the family. (Check… did that last night when one of my nieces picked me up and my nephew took me home. I am still not quite ready to drive my truck or my Harley quite yet.)

5. Visit my lovely aunt. I have missed her terribly!

6. Do whatever I can begin to do for my partner. Cook, clean, have some nookie… (evil grin).

7. Since I am allowed to drive, go with my partner to an empty parking lot and practice. I will work into this slowly. I am dreaming of riding my Harley, but since the ding-dang doctor said I shouldn’t ride my bike for at least another month, I’m not going to fight it right now. I will wait a little while and take driving one step at a time. First in four wheels then on two.

8. Learn how to use a cane properly — holding it on the side opposite the formerly injured leg.

9. Go to physical therapy. Unfortunately, my health plan is a mediocre bureaucracy and their understaffed overworked physical therapy center can’t fit me in until March 29. Meanwhile, I’m doing some stretching exercises at home and walking some more.

10. SLEEP! Yes, yes yes! Actually SLEEP! I have not had one good night’s sleep since I broke my leg because the lunky thing dangling on the end of my right leg made me uncomfortable, enough such that I would wake every half-hour or so. I look forward to one solid and peaceful night of complete through-the-night SLEEP!

Life is short: get some sleep!

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  1. Glad to know it. It is a big progress. Take it easy and slow as it may take a bit more time to get back to normal. Happy for you and your partner. Big hugs, Adrian from Hong Kong

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