“Hey Mr. Sunshine” Says the Cop

Sunday started out as a typical day for me. I rose before dawn, tied on my Chippewa hikers, and went for a long walk with my senior walking pal. When I returned home and after I showered, my spouse was still resting. I let him sleep.

By 0800, he was awake, and I prepared his favorite four-flour gluten-free waffle. After breakfast, assured that he was okay, I picked up three senior pals to take them grocery shopping.

All of my pals are concerned about me. One of them has a son who is a local motorcop. Apparently she called him, and soon thereafter he called me. “Hey, Mr. Sunshine (reference to my usual bright disposition) — I’m coming over in 30 minutes on my Harley and you’re following me on yours to the most awesome place. Don’t say no, and no questions. Just be ready.”

When a cop issues an order like that, there is nothing else to do but comply.

My spouse was okay, not terrific, but well enough that I could leave him for a few hours, so I pulled on my mesh leather jeans, t-shirt, and Chippewa engineer boots, pulled the truck out of the garage, and then rolled my Harley into the garage bay. I dismounted and gave my bike a thorough going-over with the T-CLOCS inspection. All was fine — should be after getting new tires and other service just a month ago!

My buddy rolled up on his new personal Harley Ultra. Man, what a sweet bike. He was dressed in jeans, tac boots of some sort, and a mesh safety riding jacket. He and I chatted for a little bit, and I decided to wear my mesh safety jacket, too. Then off we went.

He took me to an area of the county where we live that I had not seen before. An amazing display of sunflowers as far as the eye can see! It was stunning and incredible. JB (my cop friend) said, “Mom says you’ve been a bit down lately, yet you always greet her and her friends so warmly, like nothing is going on. We thought you would like to see this. It matches your sunny personality (and your yellow jacket! Ha ha!).”

Words escaped me. I thanked JB, and always remember: “show those you care about how much you care.”

Here are some photos of what I saw:Sunflower02Sunflowerme03SFride01