With This Ring

Ring461 days ago in the county seat of the county and state of my birth, I was given this ring and had it placed on the third finger on my left hand. I returned an identical ring to the man I married.

With this ring, we married. Such a simple, uneventful, private ceremony, yet so profound…

I find myself looking at the ring and feeling it. It truly does make me think of our special day, but more importantly, of what the ring means — outwardly and inwardly.

Outwardly, it means that “I’m taken. I am married. I wear the ring that indicates my commitment to my spouse.” or as my spouse would say, “leave me alone.” (He has never liked being around people.)

Inwardly, it means that I feel something that is very hard for me to describe. I still feel special. Words cannot describe — and I never realized it would make me feel this way — that I am married to the best person in the world for me. I am loved, cherished, and honored. I am trusted and considered to be his only soulmate.

But more than that, I recall what we said to each other during our marriage ceremony:

These rings are the symbol of the vows taken, a circle of wholeness; the perfect form. These rings mark the continuance of a long journey together filled with wonder, surprises, tears, laughter, celebrations, grief, and joy. May these rings glow in reflection of the love we have for each other.

Yep, all that and more… wonder, surprises, tears, laughter, grief, as well as some joy and small, personal celebrations.

The ring also reminds me of what I live to do each day — what I said to my man and he said to me in our marriage vows:

I, [name], take you, [name], to be my partner on our life’s journey. I promise to stand with you in celebration and sadness, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. I pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor to you for now and evermore.

Yep, all that too… especially the “in sickness and in health” part. But very much both ways on the parts related to our “pledge of love, devotion, faith and honor.”

I feel that commitment, honor, and love every time I look at and feel that ring on my left ring finger. It’s rather special… so special that I cannot place words to describe it.

Life is short: feel it in your heart, and wear it on your finger.