Favorite Boot Shots 1

I will be exceptionally busy with long days for a work-related major meeting this week. I will not have time to write my blog as I usually do.

Instead, I thought you would enjoy seeing some of my favorite boot photos. Today’s post features my own Dehner Boots on my Harley. (Photos after the jump)

I do not apologize for the obvious copyright line. I am tired of seeing my own photos show up on other people’s sites, including their eBay auctions.

So here goes — some of my favorite Dehner boot photos from the Dehners in my boot collection:Balstock1220Dehnerbalstock2101Dehstockdress25Dehstockvibram17Voyager09
Life is short: wear boots when operating a motorcycle!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Boot Shots 1

  1. Great boots as always! Thanks for sharing. I’ve often wondered: who takes most of your photos for your boot shots? Is it your spouse?

    • Thanks, WC. My spouse is not interested in taking photos for me. I set my camera on a tripod and use a self-timer.

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