Wish for Aggressive Pakistani Vendors

My personal wish for visitors to my website from Pakistani vendors is…

1. Use an on-line translator.

2. Learn what “I do not operate a store” and “I do not sell anything” and “I do not import products” and “In my opinion, stuff from Pakistan is crap” means.

3. Go away. Bother someone else.

Here is yet another example of an at-least once-weekly email to delete:

Name: [deleted]
EmailAddr: [deleted.pk]
Location: Pakistan
Dear Sirs,

We wish to introduce you our company [Crap and Junk] engaged in manufacturing and export of Leather Bondage wears, Leather garments and leather made-up.

Our Manufacturing products range:

Leather Cockrings, ball harnesses
Leather Cuffs & Collars.
Bondage Restraints
Strap on & Harnesses
Hoods & Blindfolds
Gags & Muzzles
Whips & Paddles
Fetish wears.
Medical Toys (also available)
Metal / stainless steel SEX Toys, ICE LOCKS, plugs etc

Crap & Junk International manufacturers of full range of leather bondage products and s/s metal sex toys…

Oh please, go away.

Thus the risk of having a hobby-interest boot and leather website.

Life is short: always make sure your computer has a delete key.