New Years Eve in Leather

For the 24th year in a row, I went to my very close friend’s New Year’s eve party, where many of his family gather and ring in the year together. I help him prepare a big breakfast, which we eat about 11:30pm, then we watch the festivities on TV and loudly count down 10..9..8 … 3..2..1 until we all scream “Happy New Year!” We kiss and hug, have a glass of champagne (or in my case, ginger ale), and that’s about it. I usually leave about 12:15pm so I can come home to my partner, and continue our own private festivities.

As usual, I chose some leather to wear. In this case, my Naked Leather Jeans which even though they are unlined, are warm because they are made of thick, 8 to 10oz cowhide. The jeans feel great, and since I recently had the snap closure removed and a zipper installed instead, they fit better (and don’t come unsnapped when I sit down.) On top, I wore a red checked flannel shirt.

Whilst cooking, the host of the party (my close friend) and I don chef’s smocks. Then I occasionally chase him, his wife, or their kids around the kitchen like the Swedish Chef once did on The Muppet Show. (But not with a knife… I use a bottle of oregano, instead…long story about why that spice is chosen.)

Because my friend’s family rivals my own in size, the noise and number of children intimidate my partner, so he after going with me to this party once, he vowed never to return. I don’t consider the party to be too boisterous, but then again, I am accustomed to large groups, and can hold my own. My partner does not like all the noise, running around, and the size of the crowd. (To him, more than one other person is a crowd.) He stays home and watches stuff on TV that I don’t like (such as college football games), and waits for me to come home (and worries; though I don’t drink alcohol, that does not mean that there are not drunk drivers sharing the road with me).

This post was written before the actual New Year’s party, and was scheduled for posting on New Years Day when I will still be snuggled next to my partner in bed. Should he surprise me when I get home, like he did last year, I will post an update. (te he, giggle giggle.)

Life is short: Celebrate with those you love! HAPPY NEW YEAR!