Cowboy Boots and Jeans Google Searches

The following searches were done recently, and all ended up on my Jeans and Cowboy Boots page on my website. It continues to amaze me that at least 200 people visit my web page about jeans and cowboy boots every single day.

Information about cowboy boots (and jeans) is searched much more often than I thought. I will refrain from speculating why — other than to say that searching on the Internet is done so often now, rather than asking someone in person. It is faster, easier, and gives you a choice of answers to pick from (whether right or wrong, good or bad.)

Here goes — I have divided the searches by categories as indicated. Note: these were searches done by people in the United States and Canada. One might figure that people outside the U.S. & Canada who are unfamiliar with cowboy boots and customs may have more questions, so I did not include non-U.S./Canadian search results on this list.)

Jeans and Cowboy Boots

  • Jeans men wear with cowboy boots
  • What is stacked jeans?
  • Do you have to have boot cut jeans with boots?
  • Best jeans for cowboy boots
  • Do cowboys iron their jeans?

Responses (my opinions): most guys choose to wear Wrangler jeans with cowboy boots. Wranglers have the thick rolled seam on the outside, instead of the inside, of the leg. Cowboys and bikers choose jeans with the rolled seam on the outside so it doesn’t rub against the leg pressed against the saddle of a horse or motorcycle (thought I do NOT recommend wearing cowboy boots with leather soles when operating a motorbike.)

Most men choose straight-leg jeans to wear with boots. Boot Cut jeans have a slightly flared (wider) leg opening, but this isn’t necessary. It is mostly a marketing ploy designed to get you to pay more for the cut of the jeans, rather than get any improved functionality from them. And no, most guys (cowboys or not) do not iron their jeans. Just wash and dry and that’s it.

Stacked jeans means, simply, that the jeans are long enough to rest with soft folds (“stack”) on top of the boot foot, but not be so long as to be lower than the top of the heel (or fray by dragging on the floor).

Wearing Cowboy Boots

  • How to wear cowboy boots
  • How to put on cowboy boots

Responses: I am puzzled why someone would search “how to wear cowboy boots.” Ummm… pull them on, stand up, walk. What else is there to know? Stand and stride confidently, held held high? Be proud? Smile? Then the question, “how to put on cowboy boots” — that’s easy. Sit down, pull up the leg of your jeans, and pull the boots on. Repeat with the other leg. You’re done.

Jeans Inside Boots

If there is anything that people obsess over more about cowboy boots and jeans is the ongoing question about wearing jeans inside boots — or not. Here is what was searched:

  • Can men wear their jeans inside their boots?
  • Do guys tuck pants into boots?
  • Why do cowboys tuck their jeans into their boots?
  • What does it mean when pants are tucked into cowboy boots?
  • Men with their pants inside the boot

Responses (my opinions): Yes, men can and sometimes do wear jeans inside boots. It doesn’t “mean” anything about the person who does it, yet others seem to be afraid of what other people may think. My observations (here in the United States) are that most men wear jeans over cowboy boots, except boots like Buckaroos, which are more often worn with jeans inside them than over them. Overall, my opinion is that if you have nice boots and want to show them off, then tuck your jeans into them. If you obsess about what other people may think of you doing that, then forget the boots and wear sneakers. Life is too short to worry about other people’s opinions, and you will arrive at this conclusion with time and maturity.

Why do cowboys tuck their jeans into boots? It comes from an old tradition of doing that since the Roman and Greek times, mostly to protect the lower leg with stronger, more firmer protection of the leather on the boot shaft. Doing so also makes it easier to keep the jeans clean and not be exposed to dirt, mud, and gunk that may fly up from a horse’s hooves.

Other Unusual and Amusing Cowboy Boot Related Searches

Here are some other searches related to cowboy boots that I saw come in:

  • Rules for wearing cowboy boots
  • How to wear tall boots with jeans men
  • What boots do real cowboys wear?
  • Should I wear cowboy boots?
  • Wear jeans over cowboy

Responses (my opinions): The only “rules” for wearing cowboy boots are: 1) wear what fits you and your lifestyle best; 2) stand tall, walk confidently, and remember to smile! That’s it — simple as that!

How to wear tall boots with jeans? I think this may be going back to some of what was above about wearing jeans and boots, or wearing jeans inside boots. “How” to do it? Use this trick: sit down, and pull the sock on your left leg up over the end of your jeans. Pull the jeans down to smooth them, and make sure the inside and outside seams of your jeans run down both sides of your legs. Repeat with your right leg. Then pull on your boots. Smooth the jeans into the boots to reduce puckering of the jeans fabric at the top of the boot shaft. Stand up, stand tall, walk proudly. Smile!

What boots do “real” cowboys wear? Good question. Most working ranchers and riders may wear solid, sturdy boots like Buckaroos while actually riding a horse and working with cattle. When the go to town, you will often see them in ropers, which have a short shaft and rounded toe. The traditional, 13″ cowboy boot with fancier stitching and design is worn more for dressy occasions, and by some men in the U.S. Midwest, South, plains & mountain states, and Southwest, to work (even with a suit.) I have observed that a rounded toe or squared toe is more common than a pointed toe, but that is a matter of personal preference and varies widely.

If you have to ask, “should I wear cowboy boots,” then you probably shouldn’t. You’re obsessing too much. Let go, relax, and wear your boots, but don’t fret over whether you should or shouldn’t. It is a personal decision, made by YOU, not the opinions of other people around you.

I close with a final funny: wear jeans over cowboy. Yeah, I know what happened here, but it still amuses me by conjuring up some pretty ridiculous images in my mind. I will leave it to your imagination. (giggle)

Life is short: wear your cowboy boots!

4 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots and Jeans Google Searches

  1. I've heard tucking in particular sides of jeans in boots is a reference to how much cattle one owns.

  2. I have heard that as well , from an old rancher in Texas about 40 years ago.
    Maybe he was just pulling my leg because I had just moved from Ohio and was branded a "yankee".
    My memory is not clear on this but one leg tucked into a boot meant over 100 head of cattle and both legs tucked into the boots meant over 500 head?

  3. I was told that Cowboy's that tuck their boots in means they do not owe anyone any money.

  4. Cowboys tucking jeans into boots not owing anyone money is an interesting tale from folklore. It may have applied in days of yore. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, the plural of cowboy is cowboys. No apostrophe. Just like the plural of boot is boots.

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