Cold Weather Activities

The bottom fell out of the thermometer yesterday. Well, not really but it was unusually cold and windy for late Autumn where we live. Knowing this cold snap was on its way, this biker (and his spouse) stayed inside the house and…

Cooked! I spent most of the day in our kitchen. My spouse told me that he wanted to hear me go “la la la,” which is what I do when I am contented and happy, cooking away in our kitchen. I also wanted to put our new double ovens to the test before Thanksgiving.

BananabreadblogI began the day by making him fresh home-made, gluten-free waffles. Then right after breakfast, I made him a gluten-free banana bread that he can snack on for days to come.

Then I took a little break to speak with my twin brother on the phone. He just returned to his home in Italy after working on a field assignment in his volunteer position for the past six months. We caught up for two whole hours!

PizzablogBy then, it was lunch time. I made my spouse a home-made, gluten-free pizza. He loves pizza, but cannot eat the kind made in restaurants because he cannot have yeast or gluten. Finding a recipe for gluten-free dough that has more taste than cardboard was hard to find, but we found it, and he loves it!

After lunch, my spouse and I got busy making home-made ravioli using the pasta roller attachment on my mixer. We love making ravioli which is so quick to prepare for a filling meal. (You can see my new double ovens behind me.)Ravioliblog1After making about 100 ravioli and placing them in the freezer, we had cheese used for the ravioli filling left over. I used that to make a lasagna.

While the lasagna was cooking, I used the second of my two ovens to make two dozen snickerdoodle cookies to bring into the office to share with my colleagues.Snickerdoodlesblog1Snickerdoodlesblog2So la-la-la, I was a real happy cook all day yesterday, and my spouse loves the results!

And see… I do wear leather as casual, comfortable attire while at home and almost every day during Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Life is short: buon appetito!

3 thoughts on “Cold Weather Activities

  1. I’m lovin’ the leather pants and the ‘iron cross’ sweatshirt. Or is that a Maltese cross? And what’s that? Boots for baking? The banana bread looks so good I think I can taste it through the internet. Hope the ovens worked out well.

    • You are keenly observant, Bill. I’m wearing a biker-related hoodie sweatshirt that someone sent to me. Yes, it has Maltese crosses on the sleeves and a big one on the back. And even more observant you are — yep, I *always* wear boots. Chip Firefighters are comfy to stand in all day. I can send you the recipe for the banana bread if you wish. You know how to reach me.

      • Alas, me, baking and ovens haven’t worked out over the years: London 1666, Chicago 1871, New York 1835 and that little thing along the Arno in 64 AD. So, no, I will not be asking for your great recipe nor will I be attempting it. I have no friends nor acquaintences who bake, or at least I have none who’d bake something I’d eat. But I’m glad you two were happily keeping the home fires burning.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you both and all of your loyal blog readers.

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