Firefighters to the Rescue

Yesterday, my spouse and I were surrounded by ten firefighters. Why?

I have a rental property that I had to turn over — that is, the previous tenants vacated it on Friday, and the new tenants — a firefighter and her husband — wanted to move in on Sunday! I had one day to fix it up and turn it over to the new tenants.

Usually, it takes one to three weeks to turn over a rental property, depending on what needs to be done and how I can work it in within my schedule. And now, I only had one day.

Fortunately, the previous tenants left the house in good condition. While I had to replace the dishwasher and garbage disposal, the rest of the house and its appliances were in great shape.

But much clean-up work needed to be done. My spouse and the firefighter who will be renting the house from me, her husband, and 9 of our mutual friends from the local fire house — all got busy.

The house was thoroughly cleaned, including the inside of the oven, refrigerator, and bathroom fixtures. Walls were painted. Carpet replaced. Lawn, shrubs, and landscaping trimmed and cleaned up. Lighting fixed. Smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detector replaced. Whatever needed to be done was done in record time.

All I had to provide other than cleaning supplies, paint, carpet, and the replacement appliances was 4 pizzas and a case of beer and soft drinks. These guys work fast and did a great job!

I’m pleased to have turned over the house so quickly. I hope my new tenant is happy in this house — it’s only a half-mile from the fire station where she is assigned.

What boots did I wear? Chippewa Firefighters, what else?

Life is short: things get done when your “extended family” (firefighters) jump in to help!