On Whose Shoulder?

Why does it matter to some people that I am in a committed, confirmed, loving relationship with a man?

Why is it that some people get so upset and all a-twitter? That they make up lies and ululate that two men in a committed relationship are having wild orgies at night and are pedophiles by day and axe-murders in between?

Why does it matter if I awaken and rest my head on my man’s shoulder, and enjoy a warm snuggle as we watch the sun rise and turn the trees to gold outside our bedroom window?

Why do others raise such a fuss if two guys build a home together and live a quiet, productive, and comfortable life?

Why is it that some want to see us fall apart or fail? That they resent that our relationship has endured longer than theirs that ended in divorce?

Why is it that some people think that our life together somehow negatively affects theirs? Their marriage? Their children?

Why can’t people just let others live and let live?

Sometimes, I just don’t get it.

Nothing bad has happened, and nothing is wrong. I am lamenting openly after reading some really nasty stuff on some conservative blogs, in the local newspaper in articles about pending legislation in the District of Columbia, and that I hear from time to time on television.

I live a solid life, within my financial means and within the law. I contribute to the welfare of society and my neighbors. I work, pay my taxes and my bills, and do unto others as I would have others do unto me. My partner does exactly the same.

So why is it that some people think that because us two guys love one another, live together, and have a decent life that the world will end and that for some reason, their marriage is at risk?

I take pity on them, pray for them, and continue to remember that they best way to demonstrate that these people are wrong is to continue to live as we do: quietly, comfortably, and well. (Living well is the best revenge).

Life is short: love who you love, care for your neighbors, and accept.

1 thought on “On Whose Shoulder?

  1. I take inspiration in your committed relationship of over 16 years and apply the example of your devotion to your partner to my relationship with my wife of 16 months.

    You have much to admire, and you and your partner are appreciated, loved, and well accepted by those who matter most: me as your brother and the rest of our family, your friends, and your neighbors. That is what matters.


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