Happy Birthday To My Best Half

Today is a big day for my wonderful man, who means the world to me. Today is my partner’s birthday! Woo-eee!

Unfortunately, his birthday will be rather subdued, as he is recovering from the H1N1 flu, which I unfortunately “shared” with him when I came down with it on Sunday. We both are staying home this week, away from people, and taking care of ourselves. One of my “elder buds” dropped off some more veggies so I can make more chicken soup, which is about all we are living on these days.

My Birthday Boy never had a big fuss made over his birthday when he was growing up. But I handle it differently. After all, I think the world of him and love him passionately. He deserves only the very best treatment and tender loving care.

Because we both are still recovering from the flu and do not have much of an appetite, I am postponing the creation of a big meal that I had planned. However, my little buddy Guido and I made him a lemon meringue pie from scratch. He is not a ‘birthday cake’ kinda guy; his request is a pie, so that’s what he got as an early surprise yesterday. It is about all he wants to eat right now, besides my chicken soup.

I do not shower him with presents on his birthday, as he says he has everything he wants and doesn’t want me to spend a lot of money on “stuff.” Rather, I will give him a card in which I wrote my own greeting, a few small things he wants and needs, and my complete, undivided, companionship.

… and, of course, I’ll be doing that in boots and leather. (I have recovered enough to get out of my sweats and into some real clothes, finally.)

He is my man, who I love from the bottom of my heart. I just wish he weren’t sick and I was the carrier of this infection — on his birthday of all days. But he is a very forgiving soul, bless him.

Life is short: show those you love that you love them.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Best Half

  1. Happy Birthday to him !!!! Hope you two will recover soon. Warm regards from Hong Kong. Adrian

  2. Happy Birthday to a guy who is a terrific listener, great thinker, and so solidly supportive of my twin brother. I truly enjoy your friendship and wish you all the best.


  3. Happy Birthday "Best Half"!

    And both halves, get well soon!

    PS. I just had my H1N1 flu shot last night.

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