Snuggling On A Cold Night

With the whirlwind of activity and things going on in my life over the past week, including an unusually raucous “roast” that my family subjected me to at our weekly family dinner last night to get my mind off some bad news, I just needed some peace, quiet, closeness and comfort when I got home. Who better to do that with than my partner?

He works so hard and does so many things for me that I do not want him to think that I am taking him for granted. One of the ways how I show my man that I love him is to sit with him, hold him, be held by him, and enjoy the peaceful warmth of our closeness. And we needed that warmth, because it was about the coldest night of this autumn so far (close to freezing).

In leather, or without… in his warm fuzzy flannel PJs, or not… just us. Friday nights often are our “quiet time” that we use to rejuvenate and maintain our close, warm relationship. We may listen to some soft music or we may just sit in silence.

Last night was definitely one of those nights when we both needed that closeness. I continue to count my very rich blessings by having someone who is my “best half” and who cares for and loves me so deeply always be there to hold me. (I also count my blessings by having my family and friends who support me as well; yet I am certain that they recognize that the most important person in my life is my partner.)

Life is short: show those you love that you love them.

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  1. You are indeed one lucky man, Im still waiting to meet my Mr. Right. Love your videos, sorry to hear about you leg. Rest, take care and heal. From a big bearish leather loving guy, later.

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