Passing The Motorcycling Torch

RideNov2013aSaturday was unseasonally warm(ish) and the leaf color was at peak (or whatever peak will be around where I live). Perfect leather weather with temps reaching the mid 60s (19C). I carried out my responsibilities early by taking my spouse to run some errands, then escorting three lovely ladies grocery shopping. With these tasks done by lunch, it was time to go for a ride with Dan.

I gave Dan’s Mom a call, because I don’t text and he does not use a telephone, so I have to use his Mom to bridge our generation gap. Dan was ready and arrived at my house on his Honda Shadow in just a few minutes. He showed off a new pair of Chippewa engineer boots. Well, at least he’s booted right!

I was wearing my leather riding breeches with lug-soled Chippewa hi-shine boots. I pulled on my long-sleeved leather shirt, rolled out the Harley and said, “stop!” Why?

Since Dan is a relatively new rider, I wanted to make sure that he understood how serious it is to do the T-CLOCS inspection every single time before riding. I walked him around my Harley while I inspected the tires, controls & cables, lights, oil & fluids, chassis, and sidestand. All was fine, so we took off.

RideNov2013bI led him to an area in our county where leaf color changes are beautiful along gentle rolling hills and less-traveled back roads. We rode for a couple hours, or about 50 miles.

Photos posted with this blog were taken by Dan with his smart-thing-a-ma-bob. Glad he had it, as I forgot my old-fashioned camera.

We had a great ride, and by the smiles on our faces, Dan’s Mom and my spouse knew that we enjoyed riding on a surprisingly beautiful day!

Life is short: ride!