Surprises Galore

Muddling through the week… minding my own business… but I am enjoying many surprises that my spouse, family, boss, and friends have been doing.

This is my birthday week… actually, the birthday is on Friday when I celebrate my twin’s big day, and I just go along with it (giggle.) I have had to work each day this week except for Friday. I have never worked at whatever job I have had on my actual birthday in my entire working career, and don’t plan to start doing that now!

On Monday morning, my former boss treated me to an impromptu breakfast and gave me a card for my birthday. I sure miss him and appreciate that my most immediate former employer remembered me. (They want me back, and I’d love to go, but circumstances aren’t suitable for that to happen — yet.)

On Tuesday, I had to attend a mandatory “all-hands” meeting over a pizza lunch that was sponsored by my current employer. Usually these meetings are rather boring and are one of those things you just have to get through with a smile on your face, firm handshakes all around, and lots of pretending that you’re damn happy to be there.

I was surprised, though, to be recognized by the Company for outstanding work: being published in a national on-line newspaper and doing a spot on a cable TV news show. I was presented a gift card as a token of thanks. (Believe me, the word “token” truly applies, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Tuesday afternoon upon arrival home from work, my dream was fulfilled. Here is my spouse in our little spot of heaven — our backyard retreat.
BackyardAug2013aI say this was a dream fulfilled because my spouse has returned to enjoying “our” forest in a tick-free safety zone, listening to our waterfall, watching the bunnies hop, squirrels play, and listening to the birds sing. He so loves our wildlife habitat — but it was that very location where he got bitten by a tick and acquired that horrible disease that took him out for 16 months. He is better now and so very happy. My heart just sings with love and joy to watch him be in such peace and tranquility.

Tuesday evening, my spouse and I were enjoying a home-cooked (grilled on the barbeque) dinner on our deck when I heard noises from the street out front. Car doors closing, then some singing.

Singing? Out front? What’s going on?

My spouse and I walked around to the front yard and beheld 16 of my senior pals who were singing to me. “Thank You For Being A Friend” and then “Happy Birthday” among some other of my favorite tunes, including “In The Garden.” I just broke down like a baby and bawled among hugs, kisses, and many, many smiles. All the neighbors came out to watch and clapped when my senior pals were through. What a treat and definitely a surprise!

Today is “only” Wednesday… what else is in store this week?

My spouse warned me, “don’t make any plans other than to be off work on Friday.” Okay, …

I can tell from the twinkle in his eye that something is up, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I’m just lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Life is short: love life and sweet surprises!

2 thoughts on “Surprises Galore

  1. Well, you ARE just a kid at heart and may you always be that way! I hope everyday up to and including your dual birthday —- and then all the days after— are filled with good surprises and events. Happy Birthday to you and your twin brother! Ken

  2. I wish you Happy Birthday, BHD. I hope the rest of the week along with your actual birthday on Friday – and whatever is in store for you – will go wonderfully well. May you also have fun with your surprises.

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