No Bull!

I have found that Nocona cowboy boots are equally as comfortable as Dan Post boots, so while figuring out how to use an expiring coupon at BootBarn, I picked up these Nocona Bullhide Cowboy Boots. Bullhide is a really rough leather, and can take abuse if encountered. These are just plain ol’ cowboy boots that I’ll wear for just knock-about wear. The leather upper is soft calfskin, and while you can’t see it, the shaft has a deep dip scallop, which feels nice on my legs.

1 thought on “No Bull!

  1. I’ve thought a lot about this particular post of yours, because my pair was the second major name-brand cowboy boots I ever bought. I’ve probably not appreciated how much I like them. They wear well, and they feel good on my feet. I almost always take them with me on trips and, when I haven’t, I’ve missed them. Thanks for giving me a new appreciation!

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