Old cowboy boots revisited

People ask me from time to time if the boots on my website are for sale, or if I really wear them. No, I reply, the boots are not for sale. I am not a reseller nor retailer. I just like boots!

Featured today are an old pair of Cowtown Back-Cut Python cowboy boots in a medium brown. I was scanning my boot closet and saw them, and said, “let’s revisit these old boots.” So they’re on my feet this afternoon. They’re not really that comfortable — Cowtown Boots are not made well and become uncomfortable after a while. But they look nice.

Back-cut python means that the boots are made from the back of a python snake, so you can see and feel the scales. Belly-cut snake boots are just that — cut from the belly of the snake, so they are smooth. I have both kinds.

I rotate boots in my boot closet regularly, and revisit and wear boots I have in my collection all the time (especially since I don’t own any shoes.) So no, my boots are not for sale, they’re for horsin’ around!