Some Play Between Work

WaterfallMy spouse and I worked on our backyard waterfall and patio project all day Saturday. Starting with buying another 800 pounds of rocks and sand (10 80-pound bags) first thing in the morning, we transported the materials to our back yard via wheelbarrow and prepared the foundation for the patio.

I took a few hours on Sunday to do something different…

… I led a motorcycle ride for the club that I belong to. Seven of us braved hot and humid air to ride for a few hours, enjoy lunch, and return before storms broke. I enjoyed it. I was comfortable leading a short ride on roads I have ridden before. Didn’t get lost (smile.)
PatioWhen I arrived home after the ride, it was not storming yet, so my spouse and I put in another two hours laying pavers for the patio.

Not much else to report… busy weekend as usual.

Life is short: work in play between work!