Working on a Holiday Weekend

I took off work on Friday, July 5, yet I worked. I worked again all day yesterday. What’s this work about?

My spouse and I are building a pond and waterfall in our back yard, with a paver patio next to it. I am pleased to say that my spouse is feeling better than he has felt in a long time, as he was able to put in full days of labor despite very warm temperatures and high humidity.

So far, so good. My spouse thinks we are about 2/5 done with the project. My personal goal is to have the whole project completed, including the patio and lighting, by the time my mother-in-law comes to visit in early August.

Progress photos below… logger boots and old Chippewa engineers make great work boots.
Pond1Pond2aPond2Pond3Pond4Life is short: you will enjoy the products of your labors (so I keep telling myself.)