Rain Changes Plans (and muds the boots)

I had planned to go riding (motorcycles) with some buddies yesterday, but it rained… and rained… and rained… all morning. Caused a change of plans. I contacted my friends and we decided to cancel the ride. That happens.

Instead, I pulled on my Chippewa Logger Boots, got two shovels from the shed, set my eyes on that mudhole in the back yard, grabbed my spouse, and…
… began the site work where I will build a waterfall, pond, and patio deep in the forest in our back yard.

The rain softened the earth. A nice way of saying: it created a lot of mud. So what… that’s what waterproof work boots are for. We began to clear the site from woody debris, regrade the site, and stake out where the features will be installed.

Over the next several weeks, we will be doing this installation ourselves. It is not difficult, but somewhat strenuous, so we will take our time and do it right. Should be nice when it’s done.

Life is short: adapt and take advantage of a rainy day!

2 thoughts on “Rain Changes Plans (and muds the boots)

    • I was waiting for this.

      But I am truly delighted that you were able to ride your motorcycle yesterday — your one or two days of summer. Have fun transitioning to Autumn now, ‘ya hear? Before you know it, leaves will be falling…

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