The Floodgates of China

I remain in awe that about 30% of the daily visitors to my “” website are from mainland China.

I have heard stories that the Chinese government was requiring computers to have a filter of some sort on their browsers, but delayed implementing that rule. Meanwhile, literally dozens of visitors to my website from China are viewing hundreds and hundreds of pages. They seem to visit everything, from motorcycle boots to cowboy boots to cop galleries.

Simply amazing… the floodgates of China visit my lil’ ol’ website so often and look at so much. I figure that they are interested in American culture, are fascinated with what the web can bring to them, and perhaps more than a few have an “interest” (wink) in leather and boots. Perhaps some are trying to figure out what styles of boots that they make over there will sell better over here in the U.S.

Too bad the Chinese have blocked visiting this blog — or for that matter, any U.S. blog. I read about how blogs are blocked in China, and feel badly about that. Perhaps that’s why I get so many visitors to my website instead. An interesting side note, blog visitors from Hong Kong are not blocked, even though Hong Kong has been a part of China for over a decade. Perhaps the PRC’s net nannies do not extend their influence to the former British Colony.

I have stopped trying to over-analyze why about a third of my websites daily visitors are from China. I just observe that when they visit, they don’t just pop in, read a page or two, and move on. No, they view hundreds of pages (I have about 350 pages on my website now), and continue to return over and over again.

Well, fellas, enjoy!

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  1. Hong Kong is under one country two system administration. The Communist China is only responsible here for the national defence, and international diplomatic issues. So, basically, we are kind of self-rule. There is no strict censorship here in Hong Kong. I guess your different lifestyle attracts many viewers from China. Not many people here or in China wear tall boots and full leather, or even ride a Harley around. Opposite attracts, hehe. And you do a very job with boots !!!!! Thank you. Adrian, from Hong Kong

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