The Leatherman at the Organic Market

Ooops, I got some organic/shmorganic yuppies upset. My spouse required more rabbit food (protein cereal grains) that is only sold at an organic market. While I was out and about running errands on my Harley today, I stopped by that market to get the grains my spouse asked for. Dressed like this:

I should have known… really… what would happen, especially when I rode up to the store and observed most vehicles parked in the store’s lot were hybrids.

It was my full leather that caught attention of some folks who…

… looked me up and down, turned their nose up, and with disdain, a few said things like, “how many cows did you have to kill to make that outfit?” or “don’t you know that you really shouldn’t wear all that leather in this store?” or a general incredulous question, “is THAT leather?”

Lots of finger pointing and sneering was going on around me.

Oooops, yep, I forgot… the type that frequent that store are mostly vegetarians or vegans. They don’t like anything related to cows, and a few are quite outspoken about their feelings.

Oh well, I just got the rabbit food I came in for, paid for it, and left. It was funny, though, as I was placing my purchase in my Harley’s TourPak, a woman drove up in the largest SUV I had ever seen. She pulled out four reusable bags from the back seat as she was lecturing her child, “you have to re-use bags because all those plastic bags are bad for the environment.” Sure, saying that while driving a vehicle that gets 10 gallons to the mile.

Ho hum, such is life as a leather-clad biker in the ‘burbs!

Life is short: be cautious when mixing two worlds.

3 thoughts on “The Leatherman at the Organic Market

  1. BHD, I like your attire (and your mode of transport) better than any vegan’s. If they were really so concerned about the environment, wouldn’t they have ridden their Schwinn or Raleigh to the store? I mean, really, if they’re going to get all high and mighty about it, did they ever really calculate how many energy units it takes to refuel their vehicle (or make it)? Or did they ask about what type of child slave labor manufactured their sneakers in whichever foreign nation their clothing probably came from?

    There is also the issue of style. I have begun noticing more and more men and women wearing boots (cowboy/cowgirl, harness and engineer) since I began following your blog. And Friday night on a downtown bus, I saw a guy wearing leather pants which looked a lot like the ones you have on in the photo. By his age and carriage, he was not a “FIT” type attempting to rock the latest style. Rather, he seemed to be just a man who was self confident and didn’t feel the need to attempt to be another cowed conformist. Plus I can’t imagine anyone waking up each morning and saying “Oh golly gee. I’m going to go out and wear my latest vegan duds.” Do you?

  2. It’s Earth Day. In the spirit of true nonconformity, I think it’s:

    Time to have a bonfire and throw a few old tires in there.
    Time to increase your carbon footprint.
    Time to throw a recyclable in the trash.
    Time to drive the SUV.
    Time to buy some toilet paper with that HORRIBLE wasteful cardboard tube in it.

    (Actually just kidding, but you get the picture)

    Wear your leather proudly, my friend. Time to go put on the leather jacket and boots and go to the organic market in town. I’ll be sure to ask them where the hot dogs are…

  3. That is hysterical. I am going to try that the next time I go by the Three Rivers Market in Knoxville. It’s sort of one of those organic neo-hippie places. Should be fun.

    I do notice a difference. Dropped by the Courthouse on the way to work to file a paper and check a file. I get treated differently in vintage classic motorcycle leather than in a suit. Especially with the wrap around shades.

    Keep up the good work.

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