Beefcake Anniversary Surprise!

Yeah, man! One who looked like this, but not anyone in this particular photo, “dropped by” to deliver a lemon-meringue pie for our anniversary and sing us a little song.

The context: yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the day we met. But that didn’t preclude tackling the long-list of “Spring gotta-do’s” on my partner’s list. We began by doing our weekly grocery shopping very early in the morning. After we got back home and put things away, it was time to mow the lawn, trim it, and edge the sidewalks. Take down the old planters, dump the dirt, and refill them from the compost. Clean 900 square feet of our decks. That, plus the usual visit with my aunt to see how she’s doing, get her groceries, pay her bills, etc.

My partner and I are out back on a hot, sunny afternoon doing all this work when we hear a “hello?” from a husky male voice. I said, “back here!” while my partner gave me one of those looks like, “who’s that? Tell ’em we don’t want any.” (He doesn’t like visitors and in particular, he can’t stand door-to-door solicitors. We have friends over only once each year, so the voice wasn’t likely from someone we know.)

Around the side of the house walks this gorgeous, tall studly hunk with no shirt, tight leather pants, boots, formal cuffs, bow tie, and carrying a pie. He was incredibly handsome. He walked up to us and said that he was sent “by a friend” to wish us a happy anniversary. He sang a song (with a lot of sexual innuendo), smiled a big pearly-white smile, handed us the pie, and wished us a very happy day.

My partner and I just stared, dumb-founded. Honestly, neither of us knew what to say. When I realized he was through and was about to leave, I thanked him for coming, and tried to find out who sent him. But he wouldn’t say. I know it’s somebody who knows us well, because that person knows what type of sweet is my partner’s favorite in the whole world. And damn! He was gone before I could remember to go find my camera!

If you were the one who sent this gorgeous pie-bearing guy, fess up!

Wow… thanks! Woofity-woof-woof and whew! And I thought the outdoor air temperature was HOT!

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2 thoughts on “Beefcake Anniversary Surprise!

  1. (LOL!) I’m innocent, I swear it! I love it though, and happy anniversary to you both. Actually, my blog “Roland Says…” is celebrating an anniversary of its own. I created mine a year ago today.

  2. So it wasn’t Roland, it wasn’t any of my siblings (including my twin — I checked!), it wasn’t AZ nor Clay nor any of my life-long friends I grew up with, so WHO SENT THE STUD? I’m dying to know!

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