Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Man

Today I extend my most sincere well-wishes to my (former) friend, “AZ”. He is a warm, sensitive, caring and thoughtful man with a great sense of humor.

I was honored to call him my friend back in 2007 – 2011. He has a wide circle of people who care deeply for him and for whom he “cares back.” I was honored to be among them, back in the day.

I won’t belabor this blog post any more — AZ isn’t one to seek attention.

On my (former) buddy’s very special day, his birthday, he is deserving of thanks and praise for the richness and blessings he brings to his family and his friends.

Life is short: Happy Birthday, AZ!

Note (2016 update): AZ dropped out of my life for unknown reasons in 2012 and I have had very little contact with him since then.