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Some guys have asked, “what boots or leather do you want for Christmas?” … anticipating a like-minded reply. I also know there are some people who think that gay men have specific ‘gay things’ they want. I’m sure I have caused some puzzlement in my replies to those questions. My answers–

I do not want any more “things.” No boots, no leather. Really, I have enough.

I certainly don’t want any of those things mentioned on a stupid “” website — “Top Holiday Gay Gifts.” Since when is an iPhone strictly for gay men? Or a pocket projector or a French coffee press or a “man groomer”? Seriously?

If those things are what gay men want or are listing as top-wanted gifts, then I guess I didn’t get those gay genes. Last thing I want is an i-anything, or a projector to show photos from my ‘i-whatzis’ or a French press or a man-groomer. I am not that important, and don’t need to be tethered to the internet when I travel or am otherwise mobile. And my fiance and I do not drink coffee, so I don’t really want or need some device to grind coffee beans and have it be “the topic of conversation” at the next gathering in guppyville. And a man-groomer? Nope, a pair of scissors works just fine trimming my mustache, thanks. I can’t grow a beard if I wanted to.

The gifts I want for Christmas have nothing to do with my boot, leather, or motorcycling hobbies/interests, nor have anything to do with the items listed on that silly website. What I want most are:

#1: Health for my fiance. Have him finally recover from that awful illness he has been dealing with for the past 13 months. He IS better, but not completely recovered yet. So my number 1 gift request is his health.

#2: Time to spend with those I love: my fiance, my family, and my close friends. I never seem to have enough time.

#3: Smiles, hugs, and love — with my fiance, from and with my family, and my senior pals, especially. That’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

We have a very low-key Christmas, compared with what we do on Thanksgiving. We spend time with my fiance’s mother, who will be with us. I visit some of my siblings through the holidays, culminating with celebrating New Year’s Eve (with ginger ale) at my brother’s house. I prepare a small Christmas dinner, and enjoy peace & quietude at home.

Gifts for Christmas have nothing to do with my sexual orientation. The gifts I want have to do with my “fiance-family-friend-community” orientation that sustains my soul all year through.

Life is short: get your priorities straight — even if it is the only straight thing about you. 🙂

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  1. Well, I blew it again. I guess the gift that I sent to you hasn’t arrived yet. It will, and you WILL smile. Guaranteed.

    Ore e sempre,


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