Weekend: Leather Up and Ride!

My fiance and I had a great weekend! Busy with chores around the house on Saturday, and also taking five of my senior pals to get groceries, we accomplished our chores by early afternoon. Then my fiance said, “it’s nice out, why don’t you go for a ride on your Harley? The weather won’t be suitable for riding soon, so ride when you can!”

My wonderful fiance, he sure knows me well! (Perhaps he is saving up for when I begin to have cabin fever. He can say, “remember I sent you out for a ride in the middle of November?” LOL!)

I called a few buddies, and they were up for it. “Let’s ride somewhere… anywhere….” Sure, let’s go!

It was sunny, and the temperatures had warmed to a balmy 55°F (13°C). I put on a pair of leather jeans, with thick leather chaps over them, a leather shirt, pair of Wesco Boss boots, and my Langlitz jacket.

By the time I got my Harley out of the garage (where it is stored behind two vehicles), my buddies rode up on their Harleys. We took off and had a great ride! (Photo below is me, ready to go, across the street from my house. Photo above was taken by a buddy riding in front of me, holding the camera for an over-the-shoulder shot. It’s amazing!)

Life is short: carpe diem!

2 thoughts on “Weekend: Leather Up and Ride!

    • Dear S,

      Yeah, I know who you are; we communicate often. Now how many times did you write to me all summer about your fun and adventurous rides while I was confined indoors being a dutiful caregiver? Hmmm?

      I do appreciate all you share with me, and I often live my “biker life” vicariously through you. Keep smilin’, my friend.

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