Happy Valentine’s Day!

My partner is such a romantic. He loves Valentine’s Day; it’s his favorite day of the year.

Wednesday, he brought home some special baking goodies so I can make treats for the both of us this weekend. Thursday, he brought me a bouquet of flowers — a lot of ’em, including a dozen red roses. Awww… he’s so romantic.

Friday night after I got home from the family dinner, he was waiting for me in chaps & boots no less… ahem, let’s say the lights were out and we had no reason to turn them on — we just turned each other on! (whew!)

Today, Valentine’s Day, began with a warm, cozy, sensual snuggle as we awoke and looked out the windows to watch the sun rise, the birds come awake, and the squirrels begin to do their morning calisthenics.

Then he rolled over, and handed me such a sweet card that brought tears to my eyes. He has done that before, so I was prepared and handed him a special card that I got for him, too. He sniffed; I think I hit his sweet spot with the sentiment written in the card. We snuggled some more, comfy in each other’s arms.

We finally got up, and I had some things to do on the computer for community-related things really early. Now that those tasks are done and this blog post was written, I will go to our kitchen to prepare my studly hunk a wonderful, hearty waffle breakfast. I’ll put a chocolate-covered strawberry on top to surprise him.

It is going to be a great day. I’m sure my partner will make it so. He so enjoys being romantic, and I enjoy returning the love to my sweetie. How wonderful is that… after all these years? Love remains alive, fun, and deep between my guy and me.

Life is short: show those you love that you love them!