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Okay, I admit, I am a Bootman. I kinda sorta “like” boots, wearing them, and have learned a thing or two about them. I am asked sometimes for my opinions about police patrol boots — the kind of boots that motorcycle cops wear. I give my factual opinions about them, styles, soles, composition, and manufacturers on my “Guide to Police Patrol Boots” on my website.

This post shows images of boots worn by real cops who participated in the recent police motorcycle riding competition that I attended. So, without any more fanfare, here goes:

By far, the most common patrol boots that cops wore at this event were dress instep Dehner boots. What makes them “dress instep” is that there are no laces. The boots close with a buckle at the top.Some dress instep Dehner boots on cops had lug soles on them, like this:Some of the Dehner boots also had an added mid-sole, making the sole about a half-inch (1cm) thicker:There were a few cops who still wore bal-laced Dehner boots. They get that name for the laces at the instep, as shown:One group of cops from one agency wore Chippewa Trooper Boots. I can tell that due to the thinner leather (note the creasing) and side-lacing at the top of the boot shaft:Only one outfit at this event (Pittsburgh PD) wore Chippewa Hi-Shine engineer boots, such as these:There were a few pairs of unknown manufacture. I can tell that these are not Dehners, but look-alikes. Note the very wide calf and the thin, less sturdy sole:Some cops had zippers installed along the backstay of the boots. This is not a wise idea, because it significantly reduces the boot’s strength. But if it helps get them on and makes it easier to remove, some cops do that:During practice, some cops from one agency wore tactical boots. Tac boots are more comfortable to wear for the officer frequently assigned to traffic duty or foot patrol:Regretfully, some cops had really crappy boots, such as these Chippewa Trooper boots which have clearly seen better days:And finally, I couldn’t resist quite a sight… boots and butt, a nice combination!More photos of these boots and the cops in them are on my gallery, here.

Life is short: know your boots!

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  1. Thanks B.H.D for descriptions of popular cop boots and pics. You have obviously a good rapport with motor officers

  2. Great photos! You can really see how boots make the man, especially if you’re a Motor Cop.

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