Movin’ On

A note for readers of this blog and my website: I have removed some pictures from my website and about a dozen blog posts for a reason that I do not wish to say publicly. It’s difficult for all involved. I am torn between my firm belief in the right to free speech and expression (which includes non-risqué photographs) but also in not engaging in actions that bother puritans.

I figure that the person who started the whole thing is from way beyond where I live and has nothing better to do but to act as a “net nanny,” which resulted in pressure on people I know to communicate their displeasure with a few photos on my website which displayed an appreciation for a group. I am learning that the group’s national administrators do not want to acknowledge that a gay man can be an out and open part of the group for fear of harming their “brand”. Poppycock.

I anticipate that those who are involved with this matter are reading this blog, and this message will assure them that the actions have been completed as requested — and thoroughly (as best as I can determine). While I removed those photos because they asked, the more I thought about this censorship, the more I wanted to disassociate myself from endorsing the group.

I’ve decided that as a result of this situation (and this decision has been reaffirmed through discussions with my partner and my 8th brother), to return to activities for which I joined the group (that complained about the photos) and not pursue more active participation. I have plenty of other things to do than let this stuff annoy me.

Now, let’s move on to more happy subjects!

Three days ’til my partner’s birthday! Since his special day is in the middle of the upcoming week, when I have less time to work in the kitchen, I spent a lot of time yesterday preparing him his favorite meal: home made manicotti, raised yeast rolls, a well-balanced salad, and from-scratch, lemon meringue pie. I had the pleasure of treating him to a fine meal last night. I also gave him his birthday present early — a new LCD monitor for his computer — so he could enjoy using it while he is off work today and tomorrow.

What was funny is that he said that the best “treat” I gave to him was taking his old CRT monitor to the e-waste receiving facility for disposition. He can’t stand having junk around the house! I have him to thank for not having a house and garage full of stuff that we’ll never use. His rule: volume in = volume out. And he enforces it!

Just seeing him smile with his treasures and treats made it all worthwhile. He brings many smiles to my face each and every day, so I am glad that I can begin his “birthday week” so well. Happy birthday, il mio amore!