Laced Boots Catching My Eye-and Saying No

Being a “bootman”, or let’s just say that I am a guy who likes boots and owns more than a few pairs, I continually see boots for sale from various vendors that attract my eye. From expensive custom-made exotic cowboy boots to more common, commercially-made biker boots — I like many of them.

Lately, two styles of lace-up Chippewa boots have caught my eye.

The first pair are 10-inch loggers. Lug sole. Rugged, waterproof design. Would be great as work boots as well as for wearing while riding my motorcycle. I have always admired the rugged appearance of logger boots, especially with the Vibram 100 lug soles, which provide excellent traction. Definitely a “man’s boot.” Chippewa makes great boots here in the USA, and I own dozens of pairs of Chippewa boots. I have no doubt these boots would be excellent.


The second pair are 10-inch packers. I have not owned packer boots, but they style is interesting. Note the higher heel. These boots present a more “cowboy boot” style and appearance. They are designed to be worn with jeans over them. While there is a rubber sole, these boots would not be a primary choice to wear when I ride my motorcycle, mostly because the sole would not provide much traction, or would the heel design be suitable. Most biker boots have a one-inch or lower heel.

Will I buy either or both pairs of these boots?


“No! Why not?” some of you may exclaim.

Well, it’s as simple or complex as this:

  • I don’t really “need” any more boots. What I feel is more in my collector’s vision than anywhere else.
  • I have no more room to store boots. My storage is all filled up, so says my partner, the master of all space requirements in our household.
  • I would really rather not spend the money. I am focusing much more now on continuing to maintain or build my “rainy-day” fund.
  • I probably could find these boots used on eBay, but I seldom buy used boots. Used boots conform to another guy’s feet when he breaks them in, and they boots may not fit me, even if they are my size.
  • I have to remind myself that I have little patience to lace up boots. While laced boots offer much more flexibility in fit, the time to lace them correctly is not something I have patience for. (I know, these boots are only 10 inches high, so lacing each one will take all of one minute. I understand that my impatience is not well-founded.)

By posting this post on my blog, I am exclaiming my sales resistance. I will need to refer to this when I get those sales coupon notices in my email box as U.S. Independence Day approaches. (giggle.)

Life is short: resist your urges when you really don’t need to spend money.

2 thoughts on “Laced Boots Catching My Eye-and Saying No

  1. Many years ago, Justin came out with laced boots that were very popular in TX and having enjoyed wearing Justin ropers, I bought a pair. Hated having to lace them up and rarely wore them. Years later, I found a pair of 20 hole Doc Marten’s on ebay and had to have them. Again, I soon got tired of lacing them and stop wearing them. Now, any time I see a hot pair of laced boots, I remind myself of how much I hate messing with laces and talk myself out of buying them. However, if I ever win the lottery, I will hire someone to lace boots for me 🙂 I wonder if “bootlacer” is an official job title…

    • Much the same for me, Jake. Even if I win the lottery, I wouldn’t have a bootlacer around. Partner would have lots of questions 🙂

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