His Heart

I have had a bit of a rough time with business travel over the last few days. But things were made much more tolerable and better by my partner. His heart shows in all he does.

… from allowing me to sleep as late as possible on Friday morning before I had to get to a meeting in the city;

… for saying, “since it will rain and you don’t want to drive your Harley to the Metro, don’t worry about trying find a parking space for your car — I’ll take you.” what a relief!;

… while I was away, for doing things around the house that I ordinarily do, from taking out the trash to sorting and putting away the laundry;

… for having taken in all things from outside that could get damaged by wind and rain, taking down our hanging plants, and otherwise preparing our home for the anticipated high winds and rain from Tropical Storm Hanna;

… for calling me on my cell when my aunt called and was very confused. (You don’t know what a big deal it is for him to call me on my cell phone) and for looking up her doctor’s phone number for me to save me the trouble of having to search for it;

… for picking me up from the Metro after my meeting in the city was over, but giving me a “by” on having to go with him to do the weekly grocery shopping as we usually do on Friday afternoon. I was just way too exhausted;

… for suggesting that I take a nap when we got home, saying, “let’s wait a while on dinner”;

… for seeking out television programs that he thinks I will like to record for later viewing (I generally despise TV, but he enjoys it, and wants us to enjoy it together. So he records shows that I will like over his own preferences.)

… for listening to me describe some challenges with a local development project I am reviewing, and using him as a “sounding board” for responses to anticipated questions during a public hearing. He is a superb listener and adviser, and has helped me avoid putting my foot in my mouth hundreds of times.

… for being so snuggly last night;

… for being so snuggly this morning;

My partner has a very warm and caring heart. It shows in all he does. From caring for the birds and squirrels in the forest, to relaying the story about how he found “Hanna” (a small stuffed bear which is very cute). He felt sorry for her in the store and brought her home to join us. He just does little things that mean a lot, and that show what a warm and wonderful person he is. Most of all, he reveals his heart to me. Without fanfare, without announcing intentions, without seeking acknowledgment. I am so very blessed.

These are the reasons why I can overlook some of his shortcomings and short temper, as he overlooks my faults and weaknesses. I truly am so very blessed to have a man in my life whose actions demonstrate his love, concern, and caring.

Life is short! Show those you love that you love them!