Relaxed, at Peace

I am continuing the healing of my broken heart over the death of my husband (not partner, but husband) by my retreat to my favorite island in the Caribbean, my beloved “el isla del encanto” — Puerto Rico, United States.

What have I been doing?

I am housesitting for friends who have gone to the mainland to visit their children for the holidays. I am also taking care of their dog who is a handful.

I am enjoying solitude, but also some visits with friends I have here for meals.

My most peaceful times are meditating every morning at dawn on the rooftop deck of the house where I am staying, and also visiting quiet, secluded, beaches on the southwest coast of the island. Here are a few photos of the beaches where I have relaxed, swam in the Caribbean Sea, and enjoyed pleasant memories of my husband, especially when we visited these same beaches in February, 1995, and again in February, 2000.I also have enjoyed some stunning views found only in Western Puerto Rico:Life is short: be at peace to calm grief.