Damn Google

I rarely use profanity, but this time it’s deserved. Google owns YouTube. Since they took it over, my ability to work with my “Booted Harleydude” channel has been difficult.

However, as of Monday September 27, it has been impossible to…

…upload more videos from my recent motorcycle trip.

I was able to upload two videos from that trip last week. I have created four additional videos. However, this week I can not upload any new videos.

No matter what I do, I get these error messages when I try to upload a video:and when I click on “proceed,” I getTrouble is, I am using the same computer I always use with that account. Nothing has changed. I do not use a phone. I do not have two-step authorization for this account because I cannot receive text messages.

I submitted two complaints to Goliath Google which have not been answered and probably never will.

I HATE GOOGLE! Why do they make things so difficult and discriminate against the few of us who choose not to have a sillyphone or use texting? Arrrggghhhh!

Unless Google fixes something, or you, my dear readers have an alternate suggestion that will work for me, then I’m stuck. No more videos can or will be posted.

I have:

  • signed out from all google accounts
  • cleared my cache
  • tried 3 different browsers
  • rebooted my computer (three times)
  • screamed profanities at Google and YouTube
  • Meditated to restore normal blood pressure
  • given up

I am so glad that years ago, I left the Blogger platform (also owned by the Almighty Awful Google). Having this blog on a WordPress-supported website of my own allows me to do much more than Blogger ever could.

Life is short: Google can go to hell. I’m done.