Riding the Harley Cautiously

I have been careful about following salient and prudent orders and recommendations from the Governor of Maryland who is doing a great job responding to the coronavirus pandemic and protecting the residents of my home state.

I am grateful that covidiots who reign supreme in other states are kept at bay in Maryland (so far).

During the “stay-at-home” period, I only ventured out…

…to get groceries and work a few shifts as an EMT for the Fire Department for which I serve as a Life Member, while filling in for buddies who were exposed and asked to quarantine for two weeks.

During the time I worked medic shifts, I saw first-hand how our local hospitals are handling the crisis, and doing everything possible to separate the Covid-19 side of the ER from the non-Covid cases. While no one wants to go to the ER, at least if a crash victim were transported to the hospital, there would be low risk of infection since both sides of the hospital ER are physically separated.

Last week, the Governor “slightly” adjusted the “stay-at-home” order to allow a few more outdoor activities, such as golfing, playing tennis, or riding a motorcycle.

YAY! Riding a motorcycle is permitted! Cautiously of course, but allowed.

So I ventured out. My ol’ Harley needed exercise. We rode just about ten miles… but man, those were ten GREAT miles of Maryland byways.

Traffic is increasing, even though technically we’re still supposed to stay home. More and more people are getting anxious and have cabin fever, so more and more people are driving now than just a few weeks ago.

Anyway, yes, I have begun riding again!

Life is short: ride when you can, carefully.