Safe on Kauai

Aloha from our second island that we are visiting in Hawaii.

It is very strange to be here during the “mundo meltdown” due to the coronavirus.

We could have …

…returned home, but we figured it is actually safer here in our own isolated AirBnB than at home in Maryland where confirmed cases of the COVID19 illness are announced almost hourly. Scary times!

I worry most about Spouse who has underlying health conditions as well as being older… he could have a worse case of the illness when/if he gets it.

Sorry, I know this is disturbing, but most every medical professional is saying that since there is no vaccine, it is very likely that we’ll get the COVID19 illness sometime, no matter how careful we are.

Meanwhile, we are resting at beaches and touring sites while maintaining safe physical distance from other people (as best we can.)

When on airplanes, we wipe down what has been wiped down again and again with Clorox wipes we brought with us.

Photo below: Spouse at the Waimea Canyon on Kauai — known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. (This site was outstanding!)

Life is short: try to enjoy life as best you can.

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1 thought on “Safe on Kauai

  1. Please take care you two!

    I’m writing from suburban New York City and it’s both scary and infuriating that so much mis-information is in circulation. Still, we all do the best we can under the circumstances. I hope you’ll allow me a little envy in where you’re ‘self-quarantined’. I realize it isn’t the best of circumstances to be where you are, but you are with your loved one and that should provide you both with some small comfort… least I hope so.

    Take care.

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