Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

This time of year in the United States, we are bombarded with offers of sales on everything imaginable, including boots. Breathless boot ads with offers of 10%, 20%, 25%, or even more fill my email in-box. I often receive multiple emails from the same vendor during this four-day period.

So what did I buy? Another pair of boots?

Well, I was doing well holding off until Tecovas said that they were going to discontinue a color of lizard boots that I had my eye on. Bingo! Grabbed ’em before they were no more. I will post about them later after I receive them, take photos, and post a page on my website.

I really do like Tecovas boots for their comfort, style, clean lines, great construction, and affordability. The only thing that I don’t like about them is that these boots are silent. No traditional “boot clunk” can be heard while walking, even on wood floors. When I wear them, they are unnoticeable by sound. Style — great. Sound — no. An old traditionalist boot guy like me misses that.

The only other purchase I made during this time was a frequent flyer airline ticket to Las Vegas.

Why there? Long-time readers of this blog know that I detest that town for the crowds, bad smell, expensive meals (not cheap any more), gambling, and its general nature.

However, Las Vegas will be the start of Crazy-Awesome Adventure II or alternately, “Awesome UTAZCO Adventure.” (UT = Utah; AZ = Arizona; CO = Colorado).

My buddy “S” and I will pick up Harleys from a rental location in Las Vegas for a week in June and ride on roads on which we have not ridden during the first Crazy-Awesome Harley Adventure we had in July, 2017. “S” and I coordinated our arrival and return times this week by phone, so we each acquired our respective airline tickets.

This next ride will take us across southern Utah, Northern Arizona, into Western Colorado, then loop north back into Utah and west back to Las Vegas. It will be more of what’s shown below — fantastic scenic roads to ride:
Life is short: plan for bucket-list adventures!

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