A Motorcop Uses My Photo

A few weeks ago, I smiled and was amused by a post on a popular social media platform by a motorcop with whom I am friends. I have observed his exemplary riding skills often on the roads around my home county as well as during police motorcycle riding competitions (this photo is of him in the 2012 competition).

The cop posted about a new pair of Dehner boots that he got. (More and photo after the jump)

Actually, I think the caption with the photo says a lot about how cops really think about their tall police patrol boots.

I took this photo in June, 2008, and it “reappeared” years later. I did not send this photo to him, but he is quite skilled with this-here interwebby thing, saw it, and recognized his image.

Life is short: share amusement from your own work.

Here is another photo of his Denhers (shhh… don’t tell him!)

3 thoughts on “A Motorcop Uses My Photo

  1. Hi BHD! Thanks for your blog. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and I really enjoy reading it. I’m curious – why is it painful? Is this the reason that more and more agencies have transitioned to more “regular” motor boots?

    • Thanks for your compliment, Albert. I always appreciate hearing from my readers.

      I am not sure why this cop refers to his new boots as being painful, but from comments on that social media post he made, it appears to be a typical issue of new Dehner boots being stiff and requiring break-in. This cop’s legs are thin, so I doubt it is a problem with the boots being too tight.

      Regarding why more agencies are transitioning to other types of boots, my opinion is that tall patrol boots like Dehners were selected back in the day when cops rode horses.

      The “equestrian style” of boot for a modern-day motorcop is a relic of the past. Those boots are hard to wear if you have to stand for hours directing traffic, or run to chase after a bad guy. Newer tactical boots are far more comfortable for those activities. So the choice to change boot style is in my opinion, more one of practicality.

      • Thank you for replying back, BHD! Please keep up the good work!

        Makes total sense that for practical reasons they are switching style. However, I do feel a little sad… the equestrian style looks the best in my opinion. They are quite commanding and masculine, reflecting professionalism, discipline and strength. I guess I should enjoy while they last…

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