Peaceful Stroll–Too Early

Last week, the boss exclaimed, “time to see the cherry trees! Let’s go to Hains Point on Thursday for a picnic and see the cherry trees over there instead of hassle with the crowds at the Tidal Basin.”

When the boss gets this way, there’s no curbing his enthusiasm with logic.

“Uhhh, boss, peak bloom is next week. I hear that the trees aren’t blooming yet.”

But since he will be on international travel during the week that peak bloom will occur, and he has the time available on Thursday, decision was made…

…we planned a visit to downtown DC. It was only after I showed the boss on an on-line map that Hains Point was at least a two mile walk from the nearest Metro subway station that he agreed to ride in a car with a colleague. Walking all the way there and back would take too long — we only had a limited time for this mid-day excursion.

We slugged through traffic and finally got to Hains Point and circled around. It looked lifeless and dead. After all, this small peninsula of land in Washington DC is surrounded by water — the Potomac River, the Washington Channel, and the Anacostia River. The water makes it colder there, so the cherry trees on that park were not nearly even budding.

We found a picnic table and spread out a Japanese lunch to celebrate Hanami — the peaceful pleasure of enjoying transient beauty. Unfortunately, the lunch was “pot luck” and my colleagues brought sushi and lots of vegetables and rice infused with Japanese condiments (soy sauce, Wasabi, rice vinegar), none of which I can eat.

When the boss got out the Sake (rice wine), I opened a lemonade and munched on “Hanami cakes” which was something that I prepared at home the night before. Cherry-infused butter cake. That’s all I could eat.

After lunch, we decided that we really wanted to see cherry trees. After all, that’s why we came down here. So my colleague drove us to the Tidal Basin. Fortunately because we were there well before peak bloom, it was not crowded. My colleague could find a place to park.

We got out and strolled around a little, but there wasn’t much to see. Photos below were all that I took. I will not be posting a gallery of cherry tree photos on my website this year. Not enough to make it worthwhile.

However, you can see photos of past year’s visits here.Life is short: admire transient beauty.