Not Leather Lately

Spring has arrived, and soon it will be summer. Hot, humid, summer.

I like four seasons, especially the warmer time of the year when I can ride my Harley.

Lately, I haven’t been riding much. Time devoted to my partner and his ongoing treatments takes up a huge amount of my time. But I continue to have faith; he will be well again. Sometime….

I hear the Harleys roaring down the road, while transporting my partner in my truck to-and-fro, from visiting doctors to ordinary and mundane chores like grocery shopping. The good thing is that he is well enough to conduct some semblance of a normal routine.

Meanwhile, I remain in my work boots. That tile in the kitchen won’t lay itself. Over my aching, sore body….

No leather, no Harley, but lots of smiles in seeing accomplishment on the tiling. I want my kitchen back!

Life is short: keep working toward your goals.