Legendary Booted

Any guy seriously into boots has been seeing ads and promos in various media about Legendary Boots. Man oh man, what great-looking, high-quality cowboy boots!

Okay, I admit, I had been drooling over images I had seen of their boots. The price, though, was beyond what I was willing to pay. The boots are great quality, hand-made to custom sizing and all that, but even considering all those outstanding aspects, my inner-self kept saying, “really, you want a pair of boots that cost even more than custom Wescos?”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

My partner understands… really understands me well. He heard me talk about these boots and I showed him some of the photos from their Facebook page from time to time.

Knowing that I’ve sacrificed a lot of my time and attention for him, working to get him well and past this horrible illness he has been dealing with… my wonderful, caring, thoughtful partner got me a gift.

They arrived the other day. These custom boots are 16 inches (40.6cm) tall, have a full quill black ostrich foot, and dark blue shafts with yellow stitching. Smooth leather soles with a 2.5 inch (6.35cm) cowboy heel complete them.

I haven’t taken them off. Well, I have … when I go to bed … or when I ride my Harley … but otherwise, these puppies have been worn and enjoyed, very much.

How lucky I am to be in love with my best friend, who knows my inner “boot soul” so well. More photos of these boots are here on my website.

Life is short: wear boots and be your own legend!

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  1. Congrats on these fabulous boots! Now I have to get myself a pair…

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