Site Maintenance

If you have tried to visit my website and it behaves slowly or not at all, there is a reason.

I am…

…doing a lot of long overdue site maintenance. I am removing some sections that I no longer want on the website, then fixing broken links once the pages in that section are gone. More than 90 pages have been removed.

After that site update, I am doing full backups of this blog, the Boot Wiki Knowledgebase, my complex cop galleries and adventure galleries as well as the entire website. All of it.

Once backups complete, I am running “orphan finding” software. Orphans are files such as images that once were linked on a page, but if I changed the page or deleted it, the file no longer is linked from anywhere, and becomes an orphan.

I sense that I have hundreds of orphan files on my server and it’s way past time to clean them up.

Anyway, this is a weekend of site maintenance. The full site and this blog should be fully functional soon. Thanks for your patience.

Life is short: if you own and operate a large and old website, you’ve gotta maintain it.

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