So Many Boots (Ads)

I received an email the other day, subject line was “so many boots!” I get a lot of these ads emailed to me.

Naturally, I had to find out what this “so many boots” ad was about, so upon recognizing the boot retailer sender, I opened it. What did I see?

This photo:Uhhh… “so many boots????” Really? What are the kids who created this ad smoking? Maybe some of these sneakers could be mistaken for hiking boots, but none of these things fit my description of real boots.

This is almost as bad as this one by Bates:Repeat after me: sneakers are for the gym… BOOTS are for the bike (motorcycle).

More ads aimed at youngins still bother me somewhat:I don’t know quite what the obsession is with millennials for rolling up the bottom of the pants legs is about.

Another ad done tastefully by Allen Edmonds in their recent catalog at least shows:A good-looking guy wearing boots (though short, but boots nonetheless) with lug soles, holding a helmet standing next to a motorcycle. This ad shows promise! (Though he is a model striking a pose, and not a rider. Those non-protective sunglasses give it away!)

I still give kudos and credit to the endless social media streaming ads by Tecovas, which aim a lot at young men of the millennial generation, but haven’t given up on remembering what a real boot should look like:Life is short: wear BOOTS!

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