Riding on New Years Day?

Seldom does the weather cooperate on 1 January, but this year it did. The temperatures did not get as warm as predicted, but warm enough — 50F (10C). It brought out a lot of bikers for my club’s annual “polar bear ride.”

My partner is still not well, and I felt torn thinking about leaving him. But thankfully, one of my senior pals came to our home to stay with him while I got on my Harley and joined my club for its annual ride.

It was supposed to be a “short” ride, but it turned out to be about twice as long as we were told it would be. I have to be honest, when the ride finally reached its destination — a biker bar/restaurant — I was “done.” Tired. Exhausted. It is hard to ride when it is cold, even with warm leathers and tall boots to keep you warm. Sapped all of the energy right out of me! So I kept on going and came home. (I don’t really like that restaurant anyway, and with as many hungry bikers as were on this ride, I anticipated that service would be awfully slow.)

I am glad that I made the decision to leave early, because I had been home not 15 minutes before we had an unexpected rain shower.

Anyway, it was a treat to be able to ride on 1 January.

What did I wear? My LAPD leather breeches with Wesco Patrol Boots, a leather shirt, and my Motocross leather jacket. (And I also had on long underwear — layers really helped!)

Life is short: ride when you can, and remember to wear boots and leather!