Comfortable Boots For Long Days of Work

Here I am at my annual week-long event that I organize for “my peeps” from across the United States and Canada — here in what my Canadian neighbours refer to as the Pacific southwest coast. LOL. I guess it’s all relative.

My work day begins at 0400, which is pretty good considering that…

…my natural wake time where I live in my time zone is three hours earlier. “They” say that one adjusts to time differences at about an hour per day. That was certainly notable yesterday when I woke at 0200 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I worked in my room — my day job doesn’t quit.

I was going to take a walk, but it was raining and cold, so I decided not to risk getting sick. I took a shower, dressed, and got ready for the day. BTW, I am wearing Allen Edmonds Sturgis boots — comfortable, tread sole, and light weight. I “took a pass” on the cowboy boots this trip considering the weather and need for foot comfort.

Yesterday, my “work” was going strong as of 0600 with an early morning meeting over breakfast, then 0700 rooms set up checks, then 0800 begin meeting one, 0845 begin meeting two in an adjoining room. Me: bop back and forth between the two. Short break for lunch, then next meeting at 1300 and the last meeting of the day from 1500 to 1700.

When I say that “I have meetings,” for me, it means leading, speaking, explaining, contributing to, and all sorts of troubleshooting things that “happen.” It is a very active and high-energy experience.

But this is what I do and this work comes naturally for me. In past lives, I used to organize and conduct training events and conferences all over the United States. My “comfort zone” is doing exactly what I am doing, and I enjoy it — though it is exhausting.

After the last meeting of the day, I returned to my hotel room and phoned the Spouse. We had a nice catch-up. I miss him a lot. He is enjoying the foods that I prepared for him before I left.

I was so tired, I was contemplating skipping dinner and just going to bed, but The Spouse said that to maintain my health and energy, I had to eat.

I went to the hotel lobby and some colleagues were going to dinner and invited me along. Unfortunately, they selected a restaurant with a Mediterranean menu to accommodate some vegetarians in the group. I can’t eat that kind of food due to my concern about inflaming my chronic health condition, so I declined.

I was about to go forage on my own when a friend from Hawaii said, “let’s go find you a place to eat.” He walked with me and we found an Italian restaurant. Again, another over-the-top froo-froo menu. Fortunately, they were willing to accommodate my request for simple comfort food. While pricey, that wood-fired pizza was just what I wanted.

I got back to the hotel by 1930 and was in bed, fast asleep, by 2000.

Awoke at 0400… time to begin again! Update by-laws; announce Friday’s meeting logistics. Yay! I love what I do!

Life is short: have a job you love and never work a day in your life.

3 thoughts on “Comfortable Boots For Long Days of Work

  1. Those short boots are a big change for you. Do you find them a lot more comfortable than your cowboy boots? Has anyone noticed that you are not wearing your trademark cowboy boots at the conference?

    • Yes, much more comfortable… like dressy tactical boots. When you are on your feet for ten hours straight, even cowboy boots with a poron insole become uncomfortable. No one said anything about my footwear choice. They never do. No big deal.

      • I am on my feet most of the day at work and coworkers have told me I would be more comfortable wearing rubber soled dress shoes. Your boots look like the dress shoes they wear with higher tops. I have always told them that my cowboy boots are very comfortable. It could be that I just think cowboy boots are comfortable because that’s what I have worn since I was a teenager.

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