Sheplers Is At It Again

For a long period during 2017, it seems like the western wear store Sheplers dropped out of sight. I say that because I stopped receiving almost daily emails claiming “best boot prices of the year” (almost every day) and “20% off entire site!” and “25% off entire site!” and “You’re a VIP… click here for your gift” … then the “gift” was “20% off!”

But Shelpers went silent for about six months between May and November. Why? read on…

…Sheplers was bought by Boot Barn Holdings in June, 2015, but it took them a while to execute the full takeover.

While they were transitioning and combining their operations, it seems to me like their marketing arms went quiet. Perhaps they were combining staff and moving them from Wichita, Kansas (home of Sheplers) to Irvine, California (home of Boot Barn.) Or maybe outsourcing their marketing operations as so many companies have done.

Regardless, the past practices that Sheplers used to do are back with the usual breathless messages, “hurry! One-day sale only! Expires at midnight!” … then tomorrow’s sale may be characterized differently, but the bottom-line is just the same.

That is, regardless of claims for “so-much percent off” and that sales are only for one or two days, the final price for their boots is always, always the same.

Evidence below.

Life is short: shame on Boot Barn for letting this deceptive marketing and sales practice continue!

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  1. I hate their breathless tactics. If you are going to have a sale just have an honest sale!

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