Did You Ride?

I attended a regular monthly meeting of my motorcycle club last night. I arrived about ten minutes early, and was speaking with friends and fellow safe riders before the meeting.

My friends looked at me up-and-down, and several asked,

…”did you ride?” [to tonight’s meeting].

It is common that most members of this rider’s club ride their motorcycles to the meetings. However, it was 26F, which was well below my threshold of riding tolerance. (Probably not for my riding buddy “S” where he lives, but certainly for me.)

Because it was so cold, I was wearing leather jeans, a leather shirt, and my new Langlitz Columbia Jacket. And black Chippewa Firefighter boots (of course.) [Photo right (except the helmet) is the exactly the leather gear that I was wearing.]

When a guy is so attired and attending a regular-riding motorcycle club, no wonder I was asked if I rode my Harley to the meeting.

Besides the cold, it was also dark. I no longer ride in the dark. I do not see as well as I used to, and do not feel comfortable riding in the dark.

So that was my answer, “no, I didn’t ride tonight. I don’t ride in the dark.”

I just let the mystery of being a full Leatherman rest in their view. LOL.

Life is short: get full use out of your leather gear, even if you are not riding a motorcycle! (or attending a leather-oriented event.)