Il dolce far niente

I had a busy week last week and it continued right through this morning. Ordinarily, we wake up with the sun, but lay cuddled in each other’s arms for a while before getting up. However, this morning, we snuggled for only a couple minutes before we were dressed and out the door at 6:30. Even for us, that’s early for a Saturday.

By noontime, I was preparing a home-made pizza and a key lime pie to enjoy later. After lunch, we had some more chores to do, but fortunately they were done rather quickly. After putting the tools away, I was thrilled when my partner pronounced that we were done for the day. He suggested we get out the hammock to enjoy our park-like shady back yard. Since I often post pictures of myself on this blog, I thought instead I would post a pic of my hunky partner.

We “hung out” and watched the squirrels jumping high in the trees, talked about life, dreams, and lots of other things. I even slept for a couple hours, sweetly in my partner’s arms. He napped, too. Though it was warm, there was a gentle breeze and it was comfortable in the deep shade.

Some times the greatest pleasures are in doing nothing — thus the origin of the title of this post.

Have a great weekend!

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