Going Out On Top

Yesterday, I led the best-ever ride for my motorcycle club that I have ever done. That was terrific because that ride was…

…the last ride that I would lead as a Road Captain. As of today, I have “stepped down” from that role.

Why did I stop serving as a Road Captain? This answer was provided on this past blog post.

The day began bright and sunny and was forecast to reach the mid 80s (30C). I dressed in riding pants that I wore on my ride in Utah, long-sleeve t-shirt with my RevIT armored and ventilated high-viz ballistic nylon jacket. What boots? Of course! My lug-soled Chippewa firefighters, my favorite boots for riding.

After a nice breakfast with the Spouse, I took an early-morning scoot to fill my Harley’s tank with gas. Then I returned home and got ready. I re-inserted my in-helmet speakers and checked the connection to my radio so I could communicate with other ride leaders who would join me on the ride.

My favorite biker-cousin showed up, and we took off to the location designated for assembly. I was happy that 17 others also arrived for the ride — some saying that they wanted to be there to honor me for my last ride as a Road Captain. I was happy about that and to know that my friends were thoughtful enough to do that for me. After the usual safety briefing, we took off.

I warned my fellow riders that this would be a slow ride because I do not like to ride fast. We’re out to see the scenery, not to get to the destination fastest. I also don’t take right turns well due to an old skydiving injury, so their patience with my slow turns at some spots would be appreciated.

I was thrilled that the ride went exactly as planned. I did not take a wrong turn or get lost once! First time in three years that I have not taken a wrong turn somewhere. (Talk about going out on top!)

We had a great lunch at a small town diner that has fantastic home-made comfort food.

After lunch, we rode across the Catoctin Ridge with a state park on one side and a national park on another. The scenery again was beautiful.

I mounted a GoPro on the rear of my Harley and set it to take a photo once every 30 seconds. The photos came out amazingly clear and detailed. Thanks, loyal blog reader from Toronto for the great tips on using a GoPro that way.

We stopped briefly at a covered bridge for a photo op. My cousin says that it is the most photographed covered bridge in Maryland. He just may be right.

Then using GPS that (for the first time) didn’t fail me, we went to a place that serves soft ice cream to end the day’s ride. What would a ride with this club be without an ice cream stop on a warm afternoon?

I truly enjoyed this ride and leading it. I put a lot of time into planning it. I am thrilled that it worked out so well.Life is short: Go out on top when the time is right.

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