Relaxed Biker

As the weather has cooled off and the leathers have returned to my choice of daily wear when I get off work, I often choose the “relaxed biker” style.

A leather vest with a t-shirt, along with side-laced leather jeans over traditional harness boots becomes a comfy, casual biker style.

Well, perhaps the Muir Cap may not be on my head when I go about my daily business, attending meetings, visiting and helping out my senior pals, running errands and going grocery shopping. But it is an image of “me” that is frequently seen. Comfortable, casual, simple.

I may use vest extenders to hold the vest closed while I get about on my Harley. The jeans are among the most comfortable I own. I got them from Mr. S. Leather of San Francisco years ago. They fit well, and continue to look good as I occasionally treat them with leather conditioner to keep the leather soft, supple, and shiny.

Leather in public? No sweat! Honestly, no one says a thing other than the occasional question about where I got the jeans and how nice they look.

Life is short: be casually comfortable in leather!